Tuesday, 28 June 2011



Baronit Enterprise is a company that sells the ORIGINAL perfume brands directly imported from USA. They do not sell imitation perfumes or rejected stock. Their perfumes consist of 5000++ items from 500++ brands...
The Pro's
  •  This blog have pages that make customer easy to find detail about the items
  • The layout and background gives more attraction to customers
  • It easier for customers to identify the items according their gender
  • This blog provide job vacancy for new entrepreneur who like to start this business
  • We can search this blog easily at the facebook
  • The traffic speed are quite effective and efficient
  • The blog contains bilingual language 
 The Con's
  • This blog have no details descreption about each items
  • The pictures of each items is not very attractive and simple
  • The title of the product is too small and customers hard to find it
          ***** Very Good