Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pro's & Con's of other blogs

We are required to comment about other business blogs that are related to our blog products...when searching their blogs we can find the pro and con about their blogs...here are the blogs that we search...


This blog offers variety of watch from Singapore. Most of it is suitable for men.

The Pro's

  •  This blog have list the type of watch.
  •  Customer can easily find the brand that they want. 
  •  This blog also offers variety of watch's brand.
  •  The traffic speed for this blog is fast.

The Con's 

  •  The blog do not attractive to attract the customer to view it.
  •  The blog do not shows pages about the details of the items.
  •  There are also no classification about the item according to the gender.
  •  It is hard to find the information about the items for example how to order the item.
  •  There are also no details about the application form.

          ***** Good

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