Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pro's & Con's of other blogs

We are required to comment about other business blogs that are related to our blog products...when searching their blogs we can find the pro and con about their blogs...here are the blogs that we search...


This blog offers variety of watch from Singapore. Most of it is suitable for men.

The Pro's

  •  This blog have list the type of watch.
  •  Customer can easily find the brand that they want. 
  •  This blog also offers variety of watch's brand.
  •  The traffic speed for this blog is fast.

The Con's 

  •  The blog do not attractive to attract the customer to view it.
  •  The blog do not shows pages about the details of the items.
  •  There are also no classification about the item according to the gender.
  •  It is hard to find the information about the items for example how to order the item.
  •  There are also no details about the application form.

          ***** Good



Baronit Enterprise is a company that sells the ORIGINAL perfume brands directly imported from USA. They do not sell imitation perfumes or rejected stock. Their perfumes consist of 5000++ items from 500++ brands...
The Pro's
  •  This blog have pages that make customer easy to find detail about the items
  • The layout and background gives more attraction to customers
  • It easier for customers to identify the items according their gender
  • This blog provide job vacancy for new entrepreneur who like to start this business
  • We can search this blog easily at the facebook
  • The traffic speed are quite effective and efficient
  • The blog contains bilingual language 
 The Con's
  • This blog have no details descreption about each items
  • The pictures of each items is not very attractive and simple
  • The title of the product is too small and customers hard to find it
          ***** Very Good

Friday, 24 June 2011


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Monday, 20 June 2011

UiTM Jengka is a very friendly-environmental place. The people and staffs here also more friendly and they treat me as their own family although I'm new here. The classes are well-managed in the form of number of student each class and the students also give good response to me
 Miss Siti Zubaidah Bt Jamal Abdul Nasir

UiTM Jengka provides full of facilities from an angle of transportation , lectures, plus most lecturers here are expertise in their field and makes us easy to ask them if we have any problem.
Nik Nurul Azyan Bt Nik Ubaidilah
Part 5 Students

The environment in UiTM Pahang is comfortable to study. Besides the facilities provided can be obtain easily by the students such as transportation to the town and variety of food are available in many places.
Mr. Khairul Murad Bin Mustakim
College Assistant Management

Students at UiTM Pahang always follow the rules and can accept advice from the security guards. The rules also not too strict and also can be accepted by all students.The environment also comfortable and relaxing to do many things in here.
Mr.  Sheronisham Bin Abu Hassan
Security Guard at the guard post.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Surrounding Of Uitm Jengka

UiTM provides lots of facilities that are useful for UiTM's community

The Facilities

The Pathway

The Greenness

Our Products

We'll Update More About Our Product Soon.. 
Stay Tuned Lovelies! :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vision and Mission


 To be a top online business in profitability, fueled by our people who are commited to delivering exceptional results and creating extraordinary brands. 

To make people happy and enjoyable with our product and services.

owned by me!!!

Wan Mastura Wan Ismail
" discipline is my principle in life "

HeY yOu!!


iTs' mY PeRsOnaL!!

NuR AiSyA KhAdiJA bT AbdUL HaDi


" I WiLL FaCE AnY ChaLLeNGe In mY LiFe "

Its Me!

"I made my life my monument"

Saturday, 11 June 2011

It's All About Us

                               Farah Salha Bte Mohd Zan   
                            " Priority Remains Priority "               


Friday, 10 June 2011

DazzlePop's Miembros!!!!

DazzlePop is a group blog which owned by Farah Salha,Azzuwa,wan Mastura, Aisyah and Alessmazni...DazzlePop also means glamour or fascinate....We sell a variety stuff that you can get with the best price..with Limited pieces of shawl and sweet Victoria Secret perfume each making it super unique and exclusive.Sweet, young and modest were poured to make every piece a satisfaction. So what are u waiting for?? Grab it now!